In the wake of increased security in all parts of the world, acquiring and understanding Visas and Passport requirements has become a complicated issue. There are different types of Visas for a certain period of stay, for people of different nationalities, and for certain activities within that country.        

But let us take care of you...

At the time of booking, we will ask you specific questions to better understand what type of Visa you need for your trip. 

Countries that require Visas for Canadian Passport Holders include:

Belarus, Brazil, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Russia, South Africa, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uganda, Vietnam             

Basic Visa Requirements

  1. a valid passport with blank pages available for Visa

  2. a filled out application form. Please fill out the application online, print and sign before sending.

  3. one passport size photo (2″ x 2″)

  4. a prepaid FedEx / Express post envelope (if passport is couriered back to you)

  5. Cash, Cheque, Interact E-Transfer, Credit Card (3% merchant fee) or money order payable for the specified amount, depending on visa type

Do you plan on travelling to one of the many countries that require you to have a visa in addition to a valid passport?